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Since 1979, we've worked hard in developing partnerships with our customers with the primary goal being their increased productivity, efficiency, and ultimate success; because our success depends on theirs.

Your Productivity is Our Product!
Our full and diverse product line along with our years of experience in the business provides us with the tools to help you with solutions for your specific application.  We not only can help you determine what works, but just as important, we can tell you what doesn't work.  Our vast experience in the industry has immersed us in every aspect of metal stamping, material handling, automation, and conveying of parts and scrap. Let us put this experience to work for you!

NEW SmartPAC PRO Available Now!

Wintriss Controls has raised the bar once again with the introduction of the SmartPAC PRO Press Automation Controller. The SmartPAC PRO features a large color touch screen, advanced communications, superior graphics and numerous performance enhancements. Here are some of the powerful new capabilities that make the SmartPAC PRO the most exciting control product since... well... the SmartPAC 2.
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Shopfloor Connect: You rely on information to run your business: and better information allows you to make better decisions. If you are like most manufacturers, important efficiency and downtime data from your machines is collected manually and entered into the system by a human operator.  Any problems with the initial data collection can start a ripple effect that results in incorrect information and can have a negative impact on your business. ShopFloorConnect automatically collects that data automatically and in real time! Find out more about ShopFloorConnect now.

Get a Weekend Upgrade:
Improve your press line productivity with COE's ServoMaster Plug-n-Run Controls, designed to be quickly implemented into existing lines - whether the original equipment is COE or produced by another maunfacturer - and capable of integrating with your press controls.

LED Machine Lighting:
When choosing a light for your industrial application, choose wisely.  Since 1988, Inmark Enterprises, Inc. has provided the DUR-A-LITE line of high quality industrial lighting. The DUR-A-LITE is designed specifically for the harsh industrial environment and can be subjected to vibrations not tolerated by typical incandescent or fluorescent lights. All the electrical components are enclosed in your choice of outer tubes depending on your specific application. The outer tube protects the various components from outside contaminants.