Since 1989, the principals of JMC Industries, Inc., have adopted their business model to manage the highs and lows of the economy and the constant advancements in technology to supply you with the most advanced and cost effective solutions.  Their broad project experience, talented engineers and machine builders bring you the knowledge needed to succeed in your unique application. Talk to us to find out more about how JMC can help you with:

  • Hand Loaded Semi-Automatic Fixtures – Designed to help assemble and test devices that may be awkward or dangerous to handle or that require intricate precision but do not require a high volume of production.
  • Rotary and Linear Transport Systems – Economical approach to assembling and testing products at 30 to 120 parts per minute.
  • Power and Free / Conveyor Systems – A very flexible manufacturing system that can be set up to handle a variety of part numbers at rates usually in the 15 to 45 parts per minute.
  • Robotic Systems – A very flexible manufacturing system that allows multiple parts to be assembled, welded, painted, etc. System can be set up to perform a variety of applications and can even self configure based on changing grippers and tooling.
  • High Speed Continuous – High speed continuous machines are dedicated to making a limited range of products but at very high speeds. This type of machine includes battery assembly machines, bottle capping machines, and marker assembly machines to name a few.
  • Special – Special machines encompass those hard to classify devices such as custom presses, automotive panel cutters, fuel mixing devices and more.