When choosing a light for your industrial application, choose wisely. Since 1988, Inmark Enterprises, Inc. has provided the DUR-A-LITE line of high-quality industrial lighting products.

The DUR-A-LITE is designed specifically for the harsh industrial environment and can be subjected to vibrations not tolerated by typical incandescent or fluorescent lights.  The fluorescent bulb is enclosed in your choice of outer tubes to meet your specific application.   The outer tube protects the bulb from outside contaminants and protects the machine operator from broken glass in the unlikely event of breakage.

Lights from 6″ to 50″ are available as well as a variety of magnetic or fixed mounting configurations. The mounts clamp on the outer tube which contains a reflector.  The operator can then rotate the light within the clamp to focus on the work area.

If you would like a quote on the DUR-A-LITE that will best fit your application, contact us