Since 1979, we’ve been developing partnerships with our customers with the primary goal being their increased productivity, efficiency, and ultimate success, because our success depends on theirs.

Our full and diverse product line along with our years of experience in the business provides us with the tools to help you with solutions for your specific application.  We not only can help you determine what works, but just as important, we can tell you what doesn’t work.  Our vast experience in the industry has immersed us in every aspect of metal stamping, material handling, automation, and conveying of parts and scrap. Let us put this experience to work for you!



Press Automation, Inc. is excited to announce the formation of a powerful collaboration with Stamtec Metal Stamping & Forming Equipment.

Stamtec stands as a leader in the metal stamping press industry with over 70 years of expertise. Their product line includes mechanical presses, forging presses, servo presses, high speed presses, and a complimentary range of auxiliary equipment. Stamtec and Press Automation will work with you to develop a solution that aligns with your business objectives.


Also new are enhanced die protection and programmable cam features available with the SmartPAC PRO. The new features of the SmartPAC PRO DieProPAC makes sensor monitoring more forgivable by enabling higher production rates for hand-fed jobs and allowing complex monitoring of intermittent events. Click here for more details.

The enhanced features of the SmartPAC PRO ProCamPAC transform the humble PLS into a powerhouse capable of providing precise timing signals for your most demanding automation requirements. Click here for more details.