When it comes to lighting your press, durability means reliability. The DUR-A-LITE LED machine lights were designed to withstand just the type of beating a press room can bring. The internal working are enclosed inside a virtually unbreakable outer tube. The O-ring sealed end caps protect the electric components from lubricants, coolants, and other contaminants.

The DUR-A-LITE comes in a variety of sizes with multiple mounting options. The 2″ diameter slim-line models are ideal for fitting into tight spaces. They are available in sizes from 10″ length to 41″ length. The heavy-duty 3″ diameter are available in lengths from 15″ to 50″. The 27″ long DUR-A-LITE (shown below) features one strip of LED’s but some of 3″ lights are available with 2 light strips, doubling the light output. The 15″ DUR-A-LITE comes in two cord configurations. Either a 25 ft. cord or a 10 ft. coiled cord plus a 10 ft. straight cord which is idea for mounting the light to a moving ram. The coiled cord takes up the slack as the ram moves up and down.