SEYI America

Since 1962, SEYI has been dedicated to building high quality, innovative and world-class stamping presses. With 45 years of hard work, SEYI has become one of the world’s leading stamping press manufacturers.

Each year SEYI manufactures and ships more than 4,000 Presses to all parts of the world from our factories.

SEYI products were first introduced to the North American metal-stamping industry in the mid-1980’s by Sutherland Presses, who represented SEYI until 1997. CNB Presses (Clearing-Niagara-Bliss) was SEYI’s partner from 1998~1999. With the growth of the North America market, SEYI-America, Inc. was strategically formed in 2000 to create a direct link between the North American metal forming community and Shieh Yih Machinery, the manufacturer and parent company of SEYI-America. Today, SEYI has over 1,500 presses operating in North America. SEYI has two offices in the United States, one in California and the other in Tennessee, to better serve their North America customers.