Stamtec Metal Stamping & Forming Equipment

Whether it be stand-alone presses for hand feeding compound dies, large bed presses for progressive dies, or multi-purpose presses that can handle both progressive and transfer dies, Stamtec can supply your needs. In addition, Stamtec offers complete solutions for press-related peripheral equipment through their strategic alliances with OEM providers of advanced press control systems, feed lines, transfer systems, quick die change systems, etc.

Stamtec has been designing and building presses for more than 70 years and supplying the North American market for almost 40 years, earning a worldwide reputation for quality. Stamtec manufactures, stocks, and supports their own equipment from their facilities around the world including North America.

Stamtec designs and builds more than 3,000 presses per year in their own facilities using their own employees for the best quality, lead time, and cost savings.

They stock approximately 50 presses from 35 to 660 tons in their 72,000 square foot facility in Manchester, TN (one hour southeast of Nashville). In addition, this facility offers:

– Project engineers and managers
– Sales / support
– Service

– Full inventory of spare parts
– Assembly for run-off
– Training on machines under power

Mechanical Press Solutions

Stamtec’s mechanical presses are designed to provide numerous advantages over other types of presses including:

  • Reliablity – Mechanical presses are known for their durability ande ability to withstand heavy use, making them a reliable choice for those who require consistent and efficient production.
  • Efficiency – A Stamtec mechanical press can operate at high speeds and produce a large volume of parts in a short amount of time, which can help your business increase productivity and reduce production costs.
  • Versatility – Mechanical presses at Stamtec are built with versatility in mind. Your mechanical press can be used to stamp a variety of metals including: steel, aluminum and copper. They can also be used to stamp a range of products from small electric components to large automotive parts.
  • Cost Effective – Stamtec mechanical presses are cost-effective and require les maintenance than other types of presses. This can help your save money on maintenance and repair costs over time.

Gap Frame

Gap Frame

Gap Frame

Straight Side

2-Point Crank Shaft Straight Side

Also available are 2-Point and 4-Point
Eccentric Geared Straight Side Presses

Servo Press Solutions

SDS Series
Servo Driven

IS2 Series
Direct Drive

IS1 Series
Servo Driven

To determine which press best fit your application, give us a call at (574) 295-7737 or click here to fill out our contact form.